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Context Studios presents

Wie Kommt man in die Philharmonie

a Film by Ed Montgomery



Context Studios is pleased to offer
Wie Kommt Man in die Philharmonie
Featuring the
Orchester Berliner Musikfreunde,
Cantorei der Reformationskirche Berlin-Moabit
Gesangsensemble Nagomi
And Konzertchor Berliner Pädagogen.


This unique performance DVD weaves rehearsal and performance footage into an intimate portrait of artists at work. 


And we see here a different sort of artist: The OBM and four Berlin choral ensembles bring to the stage the inspired and inspiring work of engineers, doctors, emergency room workers, telephone technicians, teachers, judges, unemployed, and retired people—all active participants in the everyday social network of a busy international city….showing another side of their work-a-day lives, this time as musicians, drawn together by a love of music, a need to play it, and to share it with the rest of us.


It is an effort close to pure art: esthetic self-expression without ambition—the music is its own end.  And we, the audience, have a chance to feel for ourselves the work, passion, and soulful expression of great music in this new video.



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DVD for sale only to OBM members, the performing choirs, and their families









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