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In Context

Context Studios in Williamsburg launches In Context, a live music series and internet TV channel. In Context will feature interesting and unusual music, humor, social commentary, and a musical cook-off testing the improvisational culinary skills of the musicians--lucky audiences will sample the results.  The series presents original music by contemporary composers of art music, modern classical, downtown, new takes on ancient and traditional music, string quartets, opera, and jazz.  

Photos by Marlis Momber from The Jentsch Group Quartet's performance and interviews on June 17th, 2009.



Read a review of The Jentsch Group Quartet's Performance from In Context.

All concerts begin at 8PM 
Context Studios
1 N. 12th Street (between Kent Ave. and the East River)
Brooklyn NY, 11211
Tickets $10
for all info and press re concerts: 718-384-8300 
For directions click here Context is not wheel chair accessible.




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Deepak Ananthapadmanabha   Quinn Raymond                   Hiram Becker

Deepak Ananthapadmanabha
Deepak Ananthapadmanabha loves to make Movies/TV and teach video and drawing. After moving from New Jersey to Western Massachusetts in the early 90's, Dee studied Communications and Film at UMASS Amherst, worked at few radio stations and made TV at Amherst's cable access station, ACTV. He moved to New York in 2000, did some more radio, worked as a PA, taught a few kids how to draw AND hate art at the same time, advised/scorned people with their computer problems, rented movies to hipsters, sold comic books on two coasts and eventually harassed celebrities, bikini-clad women and actual scientists on his web-show THE CIRCUIT. These days, he's making sweet live comedy and smooth videos with Mr. Hiram Becker as part of THE CABLE AXIS. Check out Deepak's reel here!

Quinn Raymond has been writing and performing comedy since 1994 and once taught a course at the Learning Annex entitled "How to refer to yourself in the third person and not sound like a pompus dickbag." He recently placed 2nd in WNYC's 2009 Satire Slam, although his mother and wife both agreed that he was the best one. When not making people laugh intentionally, Quinn likes to enjoy his time working at an IT consulting firm (just for fun).  His dad Bill played "The Greek" on the critically-acclaimed HBO series "The Wire" and Quinn will shamelessly milk that shit into the fucking ground until you beg him to stop.  Quinn also plays music and you can download his record for free at

Hiram Becker studied international policy, economics and German, but likes tooling around with green screens and international love a lot more. He has co-hosted/produced/directed/written two-different cable access shows, and has a love jones for vintage musk cologne, cooking, and 3/4'' tapes. Check him out on youtube by searcing for Milkbuff.

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