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Video Duplication and Format Conversion

Duplication and conversions to and from the formats listed below.  Please call for prices--single dupes to hundreds of copies.

Film to Video Transfer

16mm and Super-16mm film to video transfer

Transfers and duplications to these formats:

  • Beta-SP
  • DV Cam
  • DV (Mini DV)
  • 3/4" u-matic
  • VHS
  • S-VHS
  • Hi-8
  • PAL DV Cam

Time coded transfers, with visual and audio time code, and precise sync
Double system transfer
Optical sound transfer
Silent film transfer
Transfer audio tape (either cassette or DAT*) to magnetic film
We make VHS copies from 3/4" or VHS originals
We sell blank tape and magnetic film

The basic price for film transfers and sound track transfers is $75/hr. plus tax ($50 minimum charge)

Time is charged for the entire time the equipment is running, not according to the length of the film!

Turnaround is two days in most cases. Same day service is possible, depending on engineer's work load. Rush orders are charged double.

Film should be prepared with at least 6 feet of leader at the head and tail of every reel. "Heads" should be clearly marked. Sync marks should be clear and punched for all transfers with separate sound and picture rolls.


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